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Vol.8, Issue-19, 1-15 May 2015
  • Read about ‘The History of Candy’, ‘Good Child Club’ and ‘News Update’..
  • Enjoy Math Activities with ‘Multiplication’, ‘Shapes Sorting’, ‘Addition’, and ‘Ordering of Numbers’ and ‘Time’.
  • Learn about ‘Amusement Parks’ through centre chart.
  • Read and enjoy English and Hindi stories and learn a moral. Recite a Rhyme.
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Rao Lal Singh Public School observed 'Transport Week'. The whole week was filled with gusto activities and competitions. It was fun all around for participating students and audience. The special week brought to school a magical world full of fun-filled activities, programmes and performances.The students also gathered information regarding different traffic signs. In short, it was an educational week.

kidpicjunior issue current issue
Vol. 8, Issue-20, 16-31 May 2015
  • Read about ‘Search your Talent’, ‘Summer Camps’ and ‘News Update’.
  • Learn about ‘States of Matter’ through the centre chart.
  • Learn about ‘Udaipur’ and make ‘Bread Pizza’.
  • Solve ‘Quiz’, ‘Spot the Difference’, and ‘Riddles’. Enjoy ‘Hindi jokes’.
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