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Vol.8, Issue-23, 1-15 August 2014
  • Read about ‘Take Care of your Eyes’, ‘Happy Friendship Day!’, and ‘News Update’.
  • Enjoy Math activities- ‘Multiplication’, ‘Pattern’, ‘Visual Arts’, and Solve ‘Puzzles’.
  • Learn about different ‘Land Forms’ through the big chart.
  • Answer the Quiz and enhance your General Knowledge. Read about different ‘Facts’ and enjoy interesting ‘Jokes’ and ‘Tongue Twisters’. Learn about ‘Computer’
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CELEBRATION OF 'EARTH WEEK' Students of Primary section celebrated Earth Day. Plethoras of activities were conducted throughout the week. Students of Class V shared their knowledge about Earth through Articles, Speeches & Quiz during the assembly time. Students prepared posters on 'Save Earth' and 'Save Life'. This effort was praised by our Mentor 'Ms. Asha Saxena'.

kidpicjunior issue current issue
Vol.8, Issue 2, 16-31 August 2014
  • Read about ‘Our National Flag’, ‘Hiroshima and Nagasaki’, ‘National Sports Day of India’, ‘Indian Heroes Honoured’, ‘Germany Wins the FIFA World Cup, 2014’, ‘Smallest Cat’ and ‘Hello Mom/Ma’am’.
  • Learn about ‘Libraries Help!’ through the centre chart.
  • Read about ‘The Arabian Sea and The Bay of Bengal', ‘Phonics’, ‘Speaking Right’.
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