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Vol.8, Issue-15, 1-15 March 2015
  • Read about ‘Super Heroes’, ‘News Update’ and ‘Facts’.
  • Enjoy Maths Activities with ‘Subtraction’, ‘Place Value’, ‘Multiplication’ and ‘Measurement’.
  • Learn ‘Spring Season’ through centre chart.
  • Read and enjoy English and Hindi stories. Recite a Rhyme.
Paper for Kids Published Twice a Month

Intra Class Best Friend GK Quiz : “The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” To aware the students with importance of General Knowledge, we organized Intra Class Best Friend GK Quiz on 18th Feb, 21st Feb and 23rd Feb with three different levels, where students of classes I-VI participated enthusiastically. Questionnaire was prepared from within GK magazines with a twist of current affairs.

kidpicjunior issue current issue
Vol. 8, Issue-16, 16-31 March2015
  • Read about ‘Swine Flu’, ’Women’s Day’ ‘News Update’, and ‘Time Utilization’.
  • Learn ‘Recycling’ through the centre chart.
  • Enjoy Maths Activities with ‘Fraction Maze’, ‘Factors’, ‘Money’, and ‘Number Puzzle’..
  • Learn about ‘Seven Union Territories of India’ and make ‘Yogurt Smoothie’.
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