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Vol.8, Issue-23, 1-15 August 2015
  • Read about ‘The History of Eraser’, ‘Maintaining a good posture’ and ‘News Update’.
  • Learn about ‘Fast Food v/s Healthy Food’ through centre chart.
  • Answer the ‘Quiz’ and enhance your General Knowledge with ‘It’s a Fact’.
  • Solve- Spot the Difference and Riddles. Make ‘CD Fish’
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The scholars of DAPS-1, celebrated plantation day on 17th July 2015,in the school campus with immense enthusiasm.The entire school participated in the event by bringing saplings from their home and planting them in the school compound. The school principal Mrs Pritpal Kaur encouraged the students to become more conscious about their environment and nurture it. A special assembly was also conducted to explain the significance of trees on earth.

kidpicjunior issue current issue
Vol. 8, Issue-24, 16-30 August 2015
  • Read about ‘Search your Talent’, ‘Selfie Obsession’ and ‘News Update’.
  • Learn about ‘Metro rail projects in major Indian cities’ and make ‘Scooped eggs’.
  • Enjoy Math Activities with ‘Math Garden’, ‘Fraction’, ‘Number Puzzle’, ‘Perimeter’ and ‘Time’.
  • Solve ‘Quiz’, ‘Spot the Difference’, and ‘Riddles’. Enjoy ‘Hindi jokes’.
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