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Vol.8, Issue-9, 1-15 December 2014
  • Read about ‘December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month’, and ‘News Update’.
  • Learn about ‘Which Way to Go!’ through the center chart.
  • Solve- Spot the Difference and Riddles. Learn about- ‘Healthy Teeth’, ‘Reuse Paper’.
  • Read and enjoy English and Hindi stories and learn a moral. Recite a Rhyme.
Paper for Kids Published Twice a Month

“Childrens' will not remember you for the material things you provided but for, the feeling that you cherished them. Childrens' Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Special assembly was conducted for the children.In the end, Principal, Ms. Asha Saxena, addressed the children and quoted. “A child is not born with values, parents teach these values and we the teachers remodel the same.”

kidpicjunior issue current issue
Vol.8, Issue 10 16-31 December 2014
  • Read about ‘How Shy Are You?’, ‘Uranus like Planet Discovered’, ‘Harshit Saumitra creates World Record’, and ‘Full Fossil of Dinosaur Found’.
  • Learn about ‘Money Matters’ through the center chart.
  • Read English story and learn a moral.
  • Solve- ‘Spot the Difference’, ‘Quiz’ and ‘Picture Puzzle’. Enjoy Hindi Jokes.
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