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Vol.8, Issue-21, 1-15 June 2015
  • Read about ‘The History of Balloons’, ‘Safety on your mind’ and ‘News Update’.
  • Read and enjoy English and Hindi stories and learn a moral. Recite a Rhyme.
  • Learn about ‘Animal World’ through centre chart.
  • Solve- Spot the Difference and Riddles. Make ‘Ice-Cream Photo Frame’.
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To fulfill the aim of co-scholastic areas we organized activities on "How to introduce ourselves" and G.K. Quiz in school premises. The students participated in it with full enthusiasm. The students who did excellent in their performances were awarded by our president Mr. Devender Kumar. Headmistress Mrs. Sangeeta Gulati appreciated the students who gave their remarkable performance.

kidpicjunior issue current issue
Vol. 8, Issue-22, 16-30 June 2015
  • Read about ‘Search your Talent’, ‘Vacation Time’ and ‘News Update’.
  • Learn about ‘Natural Disasters’ through the centre chart.
  • Learn about ‘Mussoorie’ and make ‘Ice Cream Fruit Salad’.
  • Solve ‘Quiz’, ‘Spot the Difference’, and ‘Riddles’. Enjoy ‘Hindi jokes’.
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